4 Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin

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Ever wanted to experiment with Bitcoin? Actually earn your first Bits, a small fraction of a Bitcoin, through online tasks? Well, luckily there are several ways you can do this and all are pretty easy, just takes a little time. Some are more rewarding than others but they do take a much longer time to complete. In this guide, we are going to teach you how to earn Bitcoin online.

So, we will be going over some of the main ways to earn: Faucets, Paid-To-Click, Task sites, and Online donations. Not really going to be talking about matrix donations because there are a some of us who are skeptical about them, so we will be playing it safe with these several options.


1.) Faucets:

Ever since Gavin Andreson released the first Bitcoin faucet in 2010, dispensing 5 Bitcoins each time, faucets have been a classic way to earn a small amount of Bitcoin just for completing 3 steps. Today, there are numerous faucets online spanning multiple cryptocurrencies but we are going to be focusing on Bitcoin faucets because we want our first Bits.

With the price of Bitcoin, faucets no longer dispense what they used to so do expect a very small amount every claim added to your local faucet funds. These will be saved up until there is enough to reach minimum payout. Normally, faucet owners have a set time every week to do payouts for those who have reached the minimum payout threshold. Additionally, faucets have a timer system only allowing you to claim a certain amount of times each day, and do not tolerate bots and same IP but 2 account claims.

Alright, all you need is a Bitcoin wallet address and an antivirus. This is because sometimes, ads carry malicious viruses which can affect your computer, so just to be on the safe side, please keep web security on. Some faucets certainly do not allow ad-blockers to be on because it decreases their revenue, which eventually limits claim amounts. Others just don’t allow you to claim until you shutdown your ad-blocker.

Alright, for faucets, it is relatively easy and fast. Enter your Bitcoin address, do the captcha to make sure you are not a robot, and click the “claim” button. Other websites have different claim button names, some faucets move around these 3 steps to make you think.

Here is a table of some Bitcoin faucets that have decent payout and claim times:


Name:Claim amount (Satoshi):Wait timer (Minutes):Payout minimum (Satoshi):
FieldBitcoins100 – 10000513000
FreeBitco.in203 – 203458806030000
Bonus Bitcoin160 – 10000520000
Moon BitcoinTime-based claims510000
Daily Free Bits100 – 100000520000



So, maybe faucets aren’t your type or want another way to earn while you wait for faucet timers to finish. PTCs are websites that pay you for visiting other websites and staying for a certain amount of time. Bitcoin PTCs almost compare to faucets in terms of satoshi per hour but are still great for those who want to wait out the timers or just want to visit other websites.

Like a faucet, you need to do a captcha to make sure you are human, then you must stay on the website window for a certain amount of time. Normally, at least 10 seconds. The problem with these is that some websites aren’t as friendly as others. As a result, without internet security on, you are at risk of getting viruses and malware.

You might notice that PTCs have a different way of measuring earned Bitcoin. You can use this converter to easily convert BTC, mBTC, Bits, and Satoshi.

Here is a list of some BItcoin PTC sites:

Name:Pay per click (mBTC):Wait time on page (secs):Payout min (mBTC):
MyPayingCryptoAds0.00053 – 0.00610 – 200.15 mBTC
BTCClicks0.00025 – 0.0044110 – 300.1 mBTC
Ads4BTC0.00049 – 0.006005 – 20+ (depends on location)1 mBTC


3.) Bitcoin for doing tasks:

Lastly, to earn Bitcoin by doing something is online tasks. There are websites that reward you for doing tasks and surveys online which most people either don’t want to do or just don’t have time for. Mainly these are marketers just looking for data while others offer you ways to earn just for doing everyday activities.

Most of these websites offer a lot of task walls to allow you to choose what you want to do. Most of these tasks are surveys, app downloads, watch videos, do simple tasks, etc. Still, like all the other faucets and PTCs, please make sure you have web security on because there will be chances where you will be leaving the website to do certain tasks.

Compared to the last 2 options, this one rewards the most in the least amount of time. However, this option takes more effort and is more time consuming. Faucets just need you to click a few buttons and PTCs just need you to stay on a page. These require you to actually consider and think.

So, there are certainly more than 2 but these websites have good reputations. The first is BitcoinGet which offers users the choice of doing surveys, downloading apps, purchasing with rebates, and Crowdflower micro-jobs. This is great for those who are looking for a simple task site with the ability to give you rewards for shopping. The second website is CoinTasker which allows users to listen to radio, do micro-jobs, surveys, purchase things, download apps, and watch videos. Even though it seems that CoinTasker has more to offer, both work just as well and beat PTCs and Faucets if you put the time into using them.

BitForTip is something interesting and you should consider looking at. It is a website where you can get rewarded for answering someone’s question. This can be something from how to fix a sink, all the way to locating a 1969 Fender Strat. Like a task site, it requires you to look and answer. The reward can’t really be compared to a regular task site but it is still higher than faucets.

4.) Online donations:

Have a website, forum account, or social media? Well, if you have a Bitcoin address, you should consider adding that to your account bio so if people like your posts, they can send you a tip. Sometimes, sending with a Bitcoin wallet can be hard, so some people use ChangeTip. Changetip offers an easy-to-use account and page where users can deposit Bits and tip Bits to other users using Coinbase. Adding a Bitcoin address to your signature or bio won’t really give you any Bitcoin, depending if people find your posts interesting and it pretty much makes no revenue. It just stays there, letting visitors know where to send you Bits.

You won’t get rich in Bitcoin off of these, but at least it gives you a few Bits to play around with, same with faucets. Of course, there are more faucets, PTC sites, and task sites but make sure you consider their reviews and verified payouts before considering investing your time in them. It might not be much but at least it is something.

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