Apple screens will blur content when viewed by strangers


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    Apple has filed a patent application for technology that will automatically hide the contents of the device’s screen from prying eyes.

    In our computers and mobile phones, a mass of private information is gradually accumulating, attracting the attention of others, who can accidentally look into the display, passing by or standing behind. At the same time, they can find out not only incriminating facts, but also personal data and correspondence. Apple developers have apparently been watching this issue, as the company is patenting a system that will detect unwanted viewers and blur the contents of the screen..

    The display encryption technology will use facial recognition to identify the wearer and track the eyes to know which segment of the screen they are looking at. When an unknown person appears in front of the device or a third-party gaze in the background of the user, the system automatically activates the protective mechanism.

    In this mode, only the segment that the owner is currently looking at will be clearly displayed on the screen, and the rest of the area is reversibly blurred, distorted and changes color in such a way that the content cannot be recognized from the outside..

    Apple screens will blur content when viewed by strangers

    If Apple does implement this technology in practice, then initially it will be applied to smartphones, laptops and tablets, but in the future it can also be integrated into wearable smart devices..

    We also previously reported on the development of a system that warns pedestrians. in headphones about approaching cars.

    text: Ilya Bauer, photo: USPTO, akket

    Apple screens will blur content when viewed by strangers


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