Bitcoin Cash To Add Transaction Mixing Protocol Soon

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    The developers announced the successful completion of alpha testing of the new Cash Shuffle mixing protocol, which will allow Bitcoin Cash users to send confidential transactions.

    Cash Shuffle invites users to make anonymous payments. To do this, a mixing function is available in a special tab, which within 60 seconds «shuffles» transactions, interfering with the traceability of the sender. Work on the creation of a new protocol began in December 2017. Then in March of this year, Coingeek announced that it would fund the project, and in addition, several experienced programmers joined it, which greatly accelerated the process..

    Bitcoin Cash developers have announced the completion of preliminary tests. The Reddit post said the tests were successful, but there are a few more things to fix before launching. The team also thanked the assistants and invites everyone to take part in the tests. To do this, you will need to follow the instructions, install an experimental plugin and start at least 0.0011 BCH.

    Bitcoin Cash To Add Transaction Mixing Protocol Soon

    As a reminder, Opera will add Crypto Wallet feature. 

    text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: De Telegraaf

    Bitcoin Cash To Add Transaction Mixing Protocol Soon


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