Blockchain use to secure IoT doubled in 2018


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    Gemalto, one of the world's largest digital security companies, found that blockchain use cases for securing IoT devices increased from 9% to 19% over the past 12 months..

    IN document it is said that implementation is growing even though there is no regulation in this area. Gemalto surveyed 950 IT professionals and managers around the world. 23% of respondents named blockchain as an ideal solution for protecting IoT, and 91% of companies that do not yet use technology in their activities are inclined to do this in the future.

    According to researchers, 52% of enterprises are unable to determine if the security of the Internet of Things (IoT) is compromised, even as costs and focus on protecting digital devices rise. Gemalto predicts that the IoT network will exceed 20 billion nodes by 2023, therefore recommends companies not tighten with improving their threat detection systems.

    Analysts also note that despite the growth in blockchain adoption, adoption rates are low as businesses continue to rely on other ways to protect. In 71% of cases, this is data encryption, 66% use passwords for this, 38% implement two-factor identification systems.

    Blockchain use to secure IoT doubled in 2018

    Jason Hart, CTO of Gemalto's data protection, says businesses clearly feel the need to protect the growing amount of information they accumulate. However, despite investments in technologies security, such as blockchain, they need additional guarantees from regulators. Therefore, business must put pressure on the government, because in the end it is he who will suffer the most from hacks..

    Earlier we reported that Russian business will be helped to experiment with high technologies..

    text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: coinspot, ilclegal

    Blockchain use to secure IoT doubled in 2018


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