Boston Dynamics introduced a dexterous ninja robot


    New Robot Can Now Fight Back! (Corridor Digital)

    Boston Dynamics has developed a humanoid robot Atlas, which deftly overcomes obstacle courses, demonstrating elements of parkour.

    The tech company has posted a short video in which the new bipedal robot demonstrates prowess as it climbs to the top of the towering boxes. For several years, engineers from Massachusetts have been creating automated mechanisms with unique capabilities, but now they are close to developing not a simple assistant, but a potential combat system..

    Previous creations of Boston Dynamics are capable of doing back flips, opening and holding doors, washing dishes, overcoming obstacles, and now parkour elements have been added to this list. In the process of movement, to mobilize energy, Atlas uses its torso and limbs for jumps of 40 cm, and is oriented using computer vision, which makes it possible to identify surrounding objects.

    Boston Dynamics introduced a dexterous ninja robot

    Such decisions can generate interest from military technology agencies, law enforcement agencies and the entertainment industry. With partial revision, it will be able to solve various tactical tasks.

    Ford is developing an equally unique vehicle control system. According to the patent, the company plans to create a mobile application with which the driver can control the unmanned vehicle, like in a video game..

    text: Ivan Malichenko, photo and video: Boston Dynamics

    Boston Dynamics introduced a dexterous ninja robot


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