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    Bugatti Chiron sets new speed record of 490 km / h

    490+ kilometers per hour | Bugatti Chiron | Speed record

    Bugatti has unveiled the fastest passenger car to date, which can accelerate to 490 km / h, but for this the engineers had to redesign and reinforce the wheels.

    Initially, the Chiron could not reach its maximum, because at speeds over 480 km / h, the wheels overheated due to strong centrifugal force and a tire load of about 7 tons, from which they were torn apart. However, the designers decided not to look for another rubber, but to strengthen the tires. and redesign the vehicle to reduce drag and eliminate downforce from both sides.

    As a result of tests at the Volkswagen Ehra Lessein proving ground in Germany, the pilot managed to accelerate to 490 km / h, installing a new world record. The track itself was perfect for testing, but it took more than five hours to clean it up at this speed. Although at the finish the windshield was littered with smudged insects.

    Bugatti Chiron sets new speed record of 490 km / h

    Despite the huge potential of the Bugatti Chiron, future owners will not be able to fully realize it, as the cars sold will be limited to 440 km / h. However, hardly anyone will try to accelerate to this speed, if only due to the lack of a suitable track..

    As a reminder, Lamborghini unveiled its first hybrid supercar Si in September.án, which will be the most powerful and fastest car of the company.

    text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Bugatti, video: YouTube / Top Gear

    Bugatti Chiron sets new speed record of 490 km / h