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    New 6G data stream converter to deliver over 100 Gbps

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    Scientists have developed ultra-fast electro-optical modulators that convert terahertz data signals into optical signals for direct connection of the receiver antenna to fiberglass. The new approach will significantly speed up the transfer of information in 6G cellular networks.

    Although 5G cellular technology is still being tested at the moment, researchers are already actively working on systems for next-generation wireless data transmission. To launch a new format, it is necessary to solve many problems, including the effective exchange of large amounts of information.

    Since the receiver antennas must be connected to fiber optic networks, a reliable, portable data stream converter with virtually unlimited bandwidth is required..

    Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have developed a promising approach to converting the data stream between terahertz and optical domains. To do this, the group used an ultra-wideband silicon-plasmon modulator with a bandwidth of more than 0.36 THz..  In their experiment, the scientists chose a carrier frequency of 0.2885 THz and reached a transmission rate of 50 Gbps..

    New 6G data stream converter to deliver over 100 Gbps

    The presented concept can significantly reduce the technical complexity of future base radio stations and will be able to provide wireless connection at a speed of several hundred gigabytes per second..

    Recall that earlier scientists also reported creation of a prototype of ultrafast laser Wi-Fi.

    text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, i.computer-bild

    New 6G data stream converter to deliver over 100 Gbps