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    Blockchain lawyers have determined the winner in the nomination “Digital Law”

    A simple explanation of blockchain (and why it is relevant to lawyers)

    BCL nomination winner «Digital law» competition «The best by right» PLATFORMA became bankruptcy trustee Alexey Leonov for his contribution to the development of CFA (bankruptcy case of citizen Tsarkov).

    This year, the expert community of digital economy lawyers as part of the annual competition for practicing lawyers «The best by right» organized the first nomination in the field of digital law in Russia. The BCL nomination dealt with litigation related to the digital economy, cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

    According to the managing partner of the law firm «Effective business resources» Alexandra Zhuravleva, a dispute related to the bankruptcy of citizen Tsarkov, helped to determine the legal status of cryptocurrency in Russia, and most importantly, to outline the vector of legislative regulation in this area. We began to form judicial practice, since Alexei Leonov managed to achieve the inclusion of virtual currency in the bankruptcy estate of the debtor and the recognition of this asset as other property.

    Alexey Leonov himself hopes that his work will help society move towards «a bright digital future». However, he adds that there is a lot of work ahead to analyze the further practice of using virtual assets in bankruptcy procedures..

    Blockchain lawyers have determined the winner in the

    Program founders BCL also announced that the winner of the competition will become one of the new teachers of the next course of the course, which will begin on April 8 in the State Duma.

    Lawyers really have to do a lot of work in order to form the correct legal basis for the regulation of the cryptoindustry, since the authorities sometimes drastic measures are taken to control digital assets. We previously reported that in Russian cashing of cryptocurrencies recognized as a way of money laundering.

    text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: BCL

    Blockchain lawyers have determined the winner in the