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    EToro studied who invests in cryptocurrency


    Trading Cryptos with eToro

    EToro’s study found that men from 18 to 35 years old who had no prior experience in cryptocurrencies invest the most in cryptocurrencies..

    The eToro marketplace has been collecting data from March 2017 to February 2018 on which population groups are investing in cryptocurrency and the extent of their investment experience. Analysis of the information showed that 91.5% — these are men under 35, who in most cases work in the field of information technology, sales and marketing, or are students. Often, their portfolios consist of the most popular coins: XRP, ВТС, ЕТН.

    Interestingly, portfolio investments are most preferred by the older age group (55+), which holds the largest share of Bitcoin Cash, Stellar and NEO.

    Interest from IT specialists and the rapid growth in popularity of virtual currencies attracted many new investors who had not previously invested in trading instruments or projects. Those with medium to large investment experience make up only a small share of the market.

    Lack of experience has a huge impact on the success of asset management, but most of the broker’s clients have positive results. eToro analyzed cryptocurrency profitability metrics based on participants’ different strategies. It turned out that Ripple and Ethereum holders, on average, made the most profits, while Bitcoin Cash holders usually suffered losses..

    EToro studied who invests in cryptocurrency

    The existing indicators look like this, but the virtual currency market is developing rapidly, which affects the composition of its participants. Now more and more large traders and institutional companies are starting to participate in this market, so the numbers will soon change a lot..

    Recall that Ripple is preparing to launch its own fund.

    text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Startup Stock photos, charts: Etoro  

    EToro studied who invests in cryptocurrency


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