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    EXMO will enter the stock market

    EN: Exchange from EXMO to BTC-E

    EXMO announced that it will soon become the first cryptocurrency exchange to be listed on the stock market.

    The crypto exchange announced the signing of a letter of intent with the Canadian public company GoverMedia Plus Canada Corp. and granting her exclusive rights to negotiate within 6 months on the purchase of a trading platform. During this period, the parties agree on the terms of the transaction in order to take into account all legal regulations and avoid unwanted tax costs.

    It is planned that at an overestimating stage, the agreement will include guarantees, contractual obligations, approvals and other necessary clauses, which will also take into account the requirements of CSE and shareholders. After the merger, the business will continue to operate under the EXMO brand and will be listed on the stock exchange..

    EXMO will enter the stock market

    According to the CEO EXMO Sergey Zhdanov, the partnership will help to strengthen the influence on the international market, increase the efficiency of activities and offer users the best infrastructure. The parties expect that as a result of the merger the number of their clients will exceed 2 million. This will improve financial performance and flexibility, providing an impetus for further development..

    Developers from Skolkovo, who recently presented their own platform for crypto trading, are also improving the working conditions for traders..

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    EXMO will enter the stock market
    EXMO will enter the stock market


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