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    Layered wireless charging system doubles its power density

    24. Electrical Double Layer, Size Effects in Phase Change

    Researchers have created and tested new layered designs for wireless charging devices that double their power density and reduce weight compared to existing technologies..

    Modern wireless charging systems for electric vehicles consist of two charging coils, one attached under the vehicle and the other located at ground level. When they are aligned, the transmitted power charges the battery.

    A team of scientists from Oak Ridge National Laboratory presented a design of a three-phase system with rotating magnetic fields between the layers of coils that works much more efficiently than existing options.

    According to the developers, the laminated coil structure transfers energy more evenly, which allows doubling the power density. During the tests, the three-phase system successfully transferred 50 kW of power with an efficiency of 95%. As the system improves further, the efficiency will increase even more..

    Layered wireless charging system doubles its power density

    This study brings the team closer to building a device to charge an electric vehicle in 20 minutes..

    In addition to electric vehicles, the technology is becoming more and more popular for charging batteries for gadgets and recently created a wireless charger that can be shaped into any shape.

    text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, soulask

    Layered wireless charging system doubles its power density