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    Home robot to be sold in New Zealand

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    When people try to imagine what their daily life will be like with robots, many are reminded of characters from science fiction novels, television shows, and films with characters like R2-D2. These questions are especially relevant, since today mankind is on the verge of discoveries that will allow iron assistants to automate many everyday processes..

    With a focus on robotics and AI connectivity, Anki is bringing the sci-fi future one step closer to reality with the creation of Vector. — his first home robot. Fully autonomous, Vector represents the leap forward in consumer robotics. The robot will be available in stores in New Zealand starting October 13 for NZ $ 499.99. Pre-order is already possible.

    Vector — personality. He will communicate with the outside world through the analysis of the data of the sights and sound. It is designed so that users can get rid of the household chores that make up their daily routine. The main achievement is the ability to self-learn through a cloud connection. This means that every day the robot is getting smarter.. 

    Vector’s brain is built on the Qualcomm Technologies platform, which provides connectivity, formation of computing processes, camera performance and autonomy. Robot Equipped with an HD camera with an ultra-wide field of view of 120°, which allows him to see the world, recognize the people in the room, and also identify the people he sees by their names. 

    Home robot to be sold in New Zealand

    He uses a set of four microphones, thanks to which he can hear and recognize commands throughout the house. To transfer the order, you must say «Hey vector», and then voice the command.
    When he feels tired or lack of energy, he can find and roll back to the charger. It also has fall protection sensors.. The manufacturer claims that user data will be protected from hacking..

    Meanwhile, another miracle of robotics, Sofia, continues to travel the world: this time Azerbaijan is preparing to meet her..

    text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Charlie the Rescue mutt / Instagram, Anki, video: Anki  

    Home robot to be sold in New Zealand
    Home robot to be sold in New Zealand


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