DeFi bZx project underwent second attack in a week

    Ethereum DeFi Hack – bZx Exploit Clearly Explained

    The bZx decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol has been hacked twice in less than a week. The total losses from the two attacks amounted to about $ 954 thousand.

    As a result of the second attack, the project lost 2388 ETH, or almost 650 thousand at the current exchange rate. According to bZx founder Kayal Kistner, the attacker’s actions look like manipulation of the oracle.

    Although the fraud using flash credits and trading on crypto-exchanges does not affect the system, due to the recurrence of the incident, the team had to suspend the protocol to neutralize such activity..

    According to technical experts, the attacker took out a loan of 7,500 ETH (almost $ 2 million), half of which he spent on the purchase of synthetic stablecoins sUSD, in order to use them as collateral for obtaining a loan. Then he used about 12% more ether to raise the sUSD rate on the Kyber Network trading platform from $ 1 to $ 2.

    For the collateral that had increased in value, he took out a second loan for 6796 ETH, at the expense of which he not only repaid the first, but also kept 2378 ETH for himself..

    DeFi bZx project underwent second attack in a week

    Developers plan to prevent further loss of funds by switching to Chainlink platform oracles.

    One of the main problems startups in the crypto industry is of high interest from hackers. In December, the Fund VeChain reported a buyback wallet hacked and tokens stolen for $ 6.6 million.

    text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: jacksonllp

    DeFi bZx project underwent second attack in a week


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    Scientists have created biorobots that feed, grow and regenerate

    Scientists Create the FIRST Living Robot!

    On the basis of synthetic DNA, bioengineers have created an artificial programmable material that is able to independently feed, organize and restructure itself in the process of growth..

    Although scientists from Cornell University do not recognize their biomaterial as living, but thanks to artificial metabolism, the samples are able to move autonomously, consume substances to restore energy, growth and development, and as a result they die. Research has shown that the invention is on par with complex biological organisms such as mold..

    Scientists have used the material to create a specific structure. Using an abstract model similar to mechanical systems, they programmed the samples to take on a form that resembles slimy mold. In subsequent experiments, they were able to force the material to race with each other, to identify pathogenic microorganisms and hybrid nanomaterials..

    Scientists have created biorobots that feed, grow and regenerate

    Bioengineers do not consider their invention to be something new, they call the created material «more realistic». Essentially, programmable biomaterials are tiny organic robots.. The researchers say that ultimately they plan to create self-replicating mechanisms, after which they can be considered truly alive..

    We also previously reported that scientists have developed a new magnetic liquid metal that is able to stretch and move in three-dimensional space without the need for complete immersion in the liquid.

    text: Ilya Bauer, photo: unsplash

    Scientists have created biorobots that feed, grow and regenerate
    Scientists have created biorobots that feed, grow and regenerate


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    Bitcoin rate is testing the level of $ 10 thousand on the eve of halving

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    Bitcoin course tests the level of $ 10 thousand on the eve of halving

    Since yesterday evening, the MTC exchange rate began to grow rapidly, exceeding the $ 10,000 mark at night, which is the best indicator since February 24. However, the subsequent correction cooled the fuse of the bulls..

    Over the past day, the price of bitcoin rose by 5.57% and at the time of publication is hovering around $ 9830. Growth confirms not only increased investor interest in a digital asset against the backdrop of economic consequences, but also the beginning of active preparation of the market for halving on May 11.

    From the beginning of the year  BTC is up more than 30%, much better than most stocks and indices. In parallel with the recovery in the crypto market, open interest in bitcoin futures from CME Group reached a record high of $ 400 million..

    Bitcoin rate is testing the level of $ 10 thousand on the eve of halving

    Despite the positive dynamics, experts note that immediately after the two previous halvings, the bitcoin price fell sharply by 10% and 38%, respectively. However, then it not only recovered, but also set new highs.

    text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Shutterstock, chart: TradingView, The Block

    Bitcoin rate is testing the level of $ 10 thousand on the eve of halving


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    CATL will start producing car batteries with a service life of 16 years and 2 million km

    Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) has developed a new battery for electric vehicles that effectively serves for 16 years and allows you to travel up to 2 million km.

    The warranty period of modern batteries for electric vehicles is about 240 thousand km or eight years, which is the main factor behind the low popularity of this vehicle. In addition, over time, batteries begin to perform worse and accumulate less and less charge..

    However, China’s CATL, the largest supplier of EV batteries in the world, has announced its readiness to launch its next-generation powertrain, which far exceeds the options available on the market today. The manufacturer does not reveal the secret of increasing the efficiency of the batteries, but, according to company representatives, their cost is only 10% higher than that of current ones..

    According to Bloomberg, after Elon Musk personally visited the Shanghai CATL plant and checked the declared characteristics, he agreed to install new batteries in the future Tesla Model 3 sedans..

    CATL will start producing car batteries with a service life of 16 years and 2 million km

    Despite an increase in demand for gasoline cars due to the recent drop in oil prices, the Chinese manufacturer expects the market to recover in 2021. Zeng Yuquun, Chairman of Contemporary Amperex Technology, predicts electric vehicle sales to surpass gasoline sales by 2030.

    In addition to extending the battery life, the researchers are also reducing the time it takes to replenish their charge. Kia recently announced that it will equip its upcoming EVs with an 800V ultra-fast charging system..

    text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Xinhua

    CATL will start producing car batteries with a service life of 16 years and 2 million km
    CATL will start producing car batteries with a service life of 16 years and 2 million km


    Developers from Skolkovo presented a convenient platform for crypto trading

    Trade-Mate, The Best Social Trading Platform for BitMEX and Binance!

    Development team from IC «Skolkovo» announced the launch of the cryptocurrency trading platform, which will allow experienced traders to take advantage of a range of Smart Trade features, and for beginners to connect to automated trading.

    Many of those who invested in coins, tokens or mining equipment during the hype experienced a protracted recession and decided to come out at a loss. However, there are those who continued to earn all this time. – traders. The volatility of the virtual currency market allows them to make profitable trades regardless of the direction of the rate movement. At the same time, half of the transactions from $ 10-20 billion of daily turnover are performed using trading bots and other trading automation systems..

    One of these platforms is, which has been developed by programmers from the Skolkovo Innovation Center over the past 7 months. This platform is designed for both daily traders and beginners in the field of trading..

    For experienced speculators, the service provides a number of Smart Trade functions. Among them, we can highlight the possibility of simultaneously placing up to 5 Take Profit and Stop Loss directly on the chart, free Dashboard customization, using the TradingView chart on the platform itself, with the function of saving settings.

    In addition, Trailing mechanisms are available to users to maximize profits, the function of averaging the purchase price, to accelerate the exit to zero for a transaction, as well as detailed statistics of all transactions, with entry points and sales..

    For beginners and people who like to receive tips from experienced traders, the Auto Trade function has been developed. She invites clients of the service to subscribe to the channels they like with signals from professionals and monitors their transactions automatically. The developers say that statistics confirm the profitability of the function, and the principle of its operation is quite simple:

    «Let’s say you connected a cryptocurrency portfolio to the platform, the estimated value of which is $ 1000, select 2 channels with signals with the best statistics and indicate in the settings that you give 50% of the deposit for each channel, and also that for each signal, 10 % of the resulting limit, so for each received signal you will invest about $ 50».

    Developers from Skolkovo presented a convenient platform for crypto trading

    According to the technical director of the company, Philip Antonov, in the near future the service plans to enable any successful trader to post forecasts in his personal account, thereby monetizing his signals.

    The idea of ​​the project is relevant, and the experience and serious intentions of the team will ensure success. Ask questions  and you can chat with the developers in chat platform.

    Additional confirmation that trading is now the best way to make money on the crypto market was the results of a study by the Oak Ridge Institute. Analysts have calculated that mining Bitcoin for $ 1 requires almost 3.5 times more energy than mining gold for the same cost..

    text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: s3.tradingview, moneyincrypto

    Developers from Skolkovo presented a convenient platform for crypto trading
    Developers from Skolkovo presented a convenient platform for crypto trading


    Home robot to be sold in New Zealand

    [CES 2021] Next Generation Robotics | Samsung

    When people try to imagine what their daily life will be like with robots, many are reminded of characters from science fiction novels, television shows, and films with characters like R2-D2. These questions are especially relevant, since today mankind is on the verge of discoveries that will allow iron assistants to automate many everyday processes..

    With a focus on robotics and AI connectivity, Anki is bringing the sci-fi future one step closer to reality with the creation of Vector. — his first home robot. Fully autonomous, Vector represents the leap forward in consumer robotics. The robot will be available in stores in New Zealand starting October 13 for NZ $ 499.99. Pre-order is already possible.

    Vector — personality. He will communicate with the outside world through the analysis of the data of the sights and sound. It is designed so that users can get rid of the household chores that make up their daily routine. The main achievement is the ability to self-learn through a cloud connection. This means that every day the robot is getting smarter.. 

    Vector’s brain is built on the Qualcomm Technologies platform, which provides connectivity, formation of computing processes, camera performance and autonomy. Robot Equipped with an HD camera with an ultra-wide field of view of 120°, which allows him to see the world, recognize the people in the room, and also identify the people he sees by their names. 

    Home robot to be sold in New Zealand

    He uses a set of four microphones, thanks to which he can hear and recognize commands throughout the house. To transfer the order, you must say «Hey vector», and then voice the command.
    When he feels tired or lack of energy, he can find and roll back to the charger. It also has fall protection sensors.. The manufacturer claims that user data will be protected from hacking..

    Meanwhile, another miracle of robotics, Sofia, continues to travel the world: this time Azerbaijan is preparing to meet her..

    text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Charlie the Rescue mutt / Instagram, Anki, video: Anki  

    Home robot to be sold in New Zealand
    Home robot to be sold in New Zealand


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    Engineers have discovered a way to control nanomotors

    Controlling nanomotors with light

    Engineers at the University of Texas Austin have found a way to change the mechanical motion of nanomotors with multiple modes using light.

    By varying the intensity and frequency of light radiation, the researchers were able to change the behavior of nanodevices. The principle of operation of the simplest tiny electric motors looks like a fan, but they function like transistors, responding to external influences. Tests were carried out with various metals and semiconductors, observing their mechanical movement when the nanomotors were irradiated in an aqueous solution..

    Engineers have discovered a way to control nanomotors

    Scientists have found that depending on the intensity of the incoming light (from the level of the projector to the laser), the silicon device can be set in motion, stopped, or made to rotate in the opposite direction. This effect was observed for the first time. Thanks to the ability to convert energy into motion, nanomotors can be used to create controlled nanoelectromechanical devices and robotics for drug delivery, optical recognition, communication, interaction with molecules, separation of individual nanoparticles and other purposes..

    Australian researchers have also discovered amazing properties of the simplest nanostructures. They have created a nanofilter that is capable of removing heavy metals and oily substances from water 100 times faster than any other existing technology..

    text: Sid Nietzsche, photo and video: University of Texas at Austin

    Engineers have discovered a way to control nanomotors


    El-Petro effect: interim results

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    RxPONDER Trial results in clinical practice: What will change? Dr. Joan Albanell & Dr. Mark Verill

    Hyperinflation has been and remains Venezuela’s main problem. Under the Maduro regime, locals have felt particularly strongly about the rapid depreciation of the bolivar. The tense political situation with the United States and a number of other countries triggered a wave of sanctions, which added fuel to the fire, significantly raising the inflation rate. People who lack the ability to carry out commodity-market relations based on local currency, found a modern alternative that cryptocurrencies have become.

    Such the state of affairs has led to a number of problems:

    • The authorities have lost control over the circulation of funds in the country.
    • An outflow of funds from the country began, followed by a weakening of an already unstable economy.
    • Security threat has increased significantly.

    Venezuela’s economy is built on oil exports. In 2016, there was a significant drop in prices, which was a decisive blow to the country’s welfare. The current export was made for dollars, which also did not contribute to prosperity. The solution was the creation of a cryptocurrency, backed by the country’s oil reserves, on the basis of which, according to the president, exports and commodity-market relations within the country were to be made. Thanks to this decision, according to Maduro, the country should receive the following advantages:

    • Shifting from a dollar settlement system to counter U.S. sanctions.
    • Attracting investment to the country.
    • Strengthening the position of power.

    Immediately after the official announcement of the readiness of the cryptocurrency and the entry into the ICO, Donald Trump hastened to ban any transactions with El Petro for the citizens of the United States..

    The position of the American president is also supported by our expert. «El Petro — candy wrapper to circumvent the sanctions applied by various countries to Venezuela. I doubt that this token is capable of affecting the country’s economy on a global scale, but big politicians will be able to withdraw their money from the country. And the government does not care at all about the common population in third world countries.», — noted in an interview with BitCryptoNews cryptocurrency enthusiast, director of Mikhail Korolev.

    Equipment recognizability

    Today, there are active attempts to bring El Petro to the world stage. In order to attract the public, the authorities deliberately create conditions for the transition to cryptocurrency. So, according to the latest information, the use of El-Petro as the units of account for oil gives the right to provide a discount of about 30%, which is very profitable by world standards (according to some sources, India received such a generous offer).

    Another step to direct the interest of the country’s residents towards El Petro was the closure of two cryptocurrency exchanges at once, specializing in working with altcoins. However, simultaneously with this step, 16 exchanges received «good» at the start of trading a new coin.

    In addition, in order to popularize cryptocurrency, by decree of the President, it was announced that it was necessary to complete part of transactions in cryptocurrency for a number of companies whose activities are focused on working with the country’s natural resources (in fact, companies that were under pressure from the authorities and had no alternatives were under attack). And in order for local residents to stop paying attention to much more advanced and attractive analogs of cryptocurrencies, in the country the practice of raids with confiscation of mining equipment has become commonplace..

    Reaction citizens

    With the advent of the hyperinflation problem, residents quickly switched to cryptocurrencies. By tradition, bitcoin is at the head of the system, followed by altcoins, which did not miss the opportunity to take advantage of an attractive situation for entering the market (representatives of DASH distinguished themselves with particular sagacity). All segments of the country’s population liked the new way of conducting commodity-market relations. And if in Russia it is rather difficult to imagine a grandmother converting satoshi into air, then for the residents of Venezuela this is a common thing..
    BitCryptoNews managed to find out the opinion of a local resident on the issue of innovations related to cryptocurrency.

    El-Petro effect: interim results

    Miguel Liendo, a resident of Venezuela, told our portal what ordinary citizens of the country think about currency:
    «What is the reaction of the Venezuelans to El Petro? The reaction is very positive. Many young people are developing in this area. Created mining farms. Nevertheless, there are people in Venezuela who are far from cryptocurrency, but there are not so many of them. Donald Trump, President of the United States, ruled that Venezuela’s El Petro is not legal. However, what will he do? The only way to fix it — turn off all computers in the world».

    It should be noted that the country is actively promoting the transition to cryptocurrency. All media are involved, as well as popular personalities. However, contrary to most opinions, El Petro is not a decentralized financial instrument. At the heart of the cryptocurrency is a centralized emission, and the final price is formed on the basis of the current economic situation. Based on this, El Petro — nothing more than a new version of the old currency, presented to society in a modern shell. Maduro himself openly declares that the coin — the most profitable investment not only for residents of Venezuela, but also for citizens outside its borders.


    Despite all attempts by President Maduro to bring cryptocurrency to the world level, so far there has not been a single real deal based on it. Additional President «caught» on the discrepancy between the declared amounts on fundraising during the ICO (the amount varied from $ 3 billion to $ 5 billion). It is noteworthy that there is no confirmation of the reality of the calculations.. Obviously, society must rely on the integrity of the head of state. Additionally, it is necessary to highlight the following points:

    • President Maduro announced the creation of four economic zones, in which in the near future it will be possible to carry out financial transactions with the help of El Petro. Why the introduction of cryptocurrency will be done zonal — was not explained.
    • Pre-Sale amount was officially announced, — $ 3.338 billion.
    • The very attempt to circumvent the sanctions in this way has caused a lot of discussion. Some believe that possible success will become a serious threat, neutralizing the power of sanctions as a regulatory tool. In this case, the experience of Venezuela can become the basis for a large number of states in avoiding the negative impact of such restrictions. In the event of a failure, El Petro will be a powerful blow to the attitude of people towards cryptocurrencies (a failure with a launch at the state level will become a stop signal for many market users).

    «Venezuela became a provocateur and the release of the El Petro cryptocurrency further worsened its trade relations with the United States. Yes, there are individual beneficiaries, and we are unlikely to find out about them. But you need to understand that the country’s economy — these are specific people. How it affected them — depends on their status in Venezuela. Some seamstress running her small business hardly felt any effect after adopting El Petro. However, Venezuela has taken the pioneering risks and countries will follow its path by issuing their cryptocurrencies. — often more successful than Venezuela itself», — believes Maxim Tarasenko, Managing Partner of GT Blockchain Investments Fund.

    And here is Russia?

    Even while working on the El Petro prototype, information was slipped in many media about the close cooperation of the Venezuelan team with Russian specialists. Some even made statements about the attempts of the Russian authorities to facilitate the release of the coin as their own experimental base. And if earlier such information was perceived as nothing more than rumors, today, when information about work on a crypto-ruble is slipping more and more often, the puzzle begins to converge.

    Here are some facts:

    • It is known that specialists from Venezuela, for example, the Minister of Finance, are involved as a consultant for the work on the crypto-ruble..
    • Cooperation with a domestic company «KamAZ» can be concluded in El Petro. The openness of interaction between Venezuela and Russia, while more and more countries adhere to the US rhetoric, suggests the existence of a large number of similar views on economic development.
    • El Petro received the Satoshi Nakamoto award from RACIB. Against the background of the negative attitude of most countries to the Venezuelan cryptocurrency, such a gesture of goodwill is another reason for reflection on the involvement of the Russian side in the issue of the coin..

    In addition, it should be noted that there is very little information about El Petro. The Venezuelan government is literally dosing the data coming into the market. The same thing happens with the crypto-ruble: only a little is known.

    It turns out that Russia has much more in common with the citizens of Venezuela than they might think:

    • the policy of the presidents of both countries made it possible to quarrel with a number of states;
    • both countries are literally mired in sanctions, from which ordinary people suffer, however, in an attempt to maintain their position and not make concessions, the heads of state continue to bend their line, which is fatal for their citizens;
    • solving problems for the heads of state is seen as one — creation of an alternative pseudo-cryptocurrency with a subsequent attempt to oust the dollar on its basis.

    Additionally, both MPs are famous for their special views on corruption in the country. Despite many incriminating incidents, there has been no change in the regime of both leaders. Loss of trust in power contributes to the growth of anxiety, based on the fear of being in an even more deplorable situation.

    View from above

    El Petro is still an under-cryptocurrency: in general, something not fully formed. The president’s negative reputation, as well as the strongest pressure from sanctions and the deplorable state of the country’s economy, literally divided its residents into two camps: some see El Petro as a ray of light that will allow them to bypass the hated America with its sanctions at a turn, others are preparing for an even more severe growth of the crisis … Given the negative attitude towards cryptocurrency on the part of many experts, as well as the lack of an evidence base for the current state of sales and interest from investors, participation in an attempt to correct «health» Venezuela’s economy in the form of investing in El Petro does not look safe.

    text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Visual Hunt

    El-Petro effect: interim results
    El-Petro effect: interim results


    JP Morgan Chase Prepares To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    Jp morgan chase, one of the largest banks in the world, has developed its own cryptocurrency JPM Coin and is preparing for global tests in real conditions.

    The trial transactions should begin in a few months. JPM Coin will be used for part of international settlements between large companies and institutional institutions. The network will become an alternative to traditional bank transfers, such as SWIFT, and will also reduce the transaction time from a few days to a couple of seconds..

    The coin is also planned to be used for instant settlement for securities issues, replacing funds in the internal accounts of separate divisions of corporations that are clients of JP Morgan and potentially for mobile payments.

    JP Morgan Chase Prepares To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

    The new settlement method will be introduced gradually, starting with a small volume of JPM Coin. According to representatives of the financial giant, the use of cryptocurrency, even exclusively in an institutional environment, will not create restrictions, since most corporations and banks are their clients..

    Facebook is also secretly developing its own cryptocurrency. and recently began to rapidly expand the staff of its blockchain division.

    text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: marketwatch

    JP Morgan Chase Prepares To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency


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    Digital yuan will technically surpass Facebook’s Libra

    How China’s New Cryptocurrency Could Challenge Facebook’s Libra | WSJ

    The digital yuan can be transferred without the Internet, an account and even without the knowledge of the bank, almost like cash.

    Changchun Mu, the new head of the People’s Bank of China’s digital currency division, spoke about some of the technical features of the future currency and said that in this regard, it will surpass Facebook’s cryptocurrency.  Libra.

    According to him, the Internet, a mobile network or a special account will not be needed to transfer the digital yuan. Operations can be performed by physical contact of two phones on which a suitable wallet is installed. Presumably we are talking about near-field communication technology (NFC).

    In addition, you will not need a bank account to work with digital currency, so the traditional financial system will not be able to control transactions, which will allow users to maintain confidentiality..

    Digital yuan will technically surpass Facebook's Libra

    However, high-tech yuan will only be distributed through commercial banks, which will have to buy them. at Central Bank of China at the rate of 1: 1 to fiat. To open a wallet, you will also need to contact a financial institution or commercial organization..

    An incentive to accelerate development digital yuan has become the official Facebook announcement of work on Libra, but the CEO of Huawei believes that the Celestial Empire will launch its project before the social network.

    text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: steemiti

    Digital yuan will technically surpass Facebook's Libra


    Bionic eye invented that mimics the functions of the present and is charged by light

    Bionic eye invented that mimics the functions of the present and is charged by light

    Researchers have created a spherical vision sensor that mimics the structure of the human eye and can use sunlight as an energy source.

    The development of a team of scientists from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology consists of a focusing lens and an analog of the retina, which is a hemispherical membrane of porous alumina with many embedded nanowires.

    These wires are light sensitive and made from perovskite, which is commonly used in solar panels. They perform the same function as the nerve cells in the human eye, transmitting electrical signals when light hits them..

    The diameter of the device is 2 cm and it even has an analog of the vitreous body, the role of which is played by an ionic liquid between the lens and the membrane. Indium is additionally used to improve the electrical contact, and to align the matrix socket wire uses silicone polymer.

    In addition to the fact that the structure of the sensor is close to the structure living eye, its sensitivity even surpasses the human organ of vision, since it is practically the same for the entire spectrum of visible light. Nanowires are denser than cellular photoreceptors, and their response time is shorter.

    However, the current model of the bionic eye cannot yet serve as an effective replacement organ, because with the width of the photosensitive zone of 2 cm, the resolution is only 100 pixels, which is much lower than the level required for obtaining a distinguishable image.

    Bionic eye invented that mimics the functions of the present and is charged by light

    The diagonal viewing angle is also worse (100 degrees instead of 150) and the sensor still needs an external power supply, but the developers are already upgrading the device to make the nanowires function like small solar cells. This should make it completely self-contained..

    Nevertheless, even despite the significant drawbacks and high cost of manufacturing such a bionic eye, it significantly surpasses other existing prostheses and, with proper refinement, can lead to the creation of a full-fledged implant for restoring vision..

    In addition to artificial eyes, researchers contact lenses are also improved. We previously reported on the creation of working prototypes contact lenses with integrated augmented reality technology.

    text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, stillnessinthestorm

    Bionic eye invented that mimics the functions of the present and is charged by light


    In Russia, a duty will be introduced on all foreign Internet purchases

    Answering Your Questions About Russia. Jobs, Best Cities, Travel and Safety

    The Federal Customs Service plans to impose a duty on all foreign online purchases.

    Now, without additional payments, you can order goods with a total value of up to €1000 and with a total weight of less than 31 kg. Officials propose to reduce the limit amount to 200 euros by 2020. Purchases exceeding this limit will be subject to a 30% duty, and for all other purchases the rate will be 20%. Additionally, it is planned to enter a combined rate, for example, 1 euro per 1 kg of weight of goods.

    FCS claims that the innovation will increase budget revenues by 25 billion rubles, as well as increase the level of competitiveness of national online stores. The changes will consist of several stages, gradually reducing the threshold value of duty-free purchases to zero. The norms have already been agreed in the EAEU, and from next year the maximum amount will be reduced to €500.

    In Russia, a duty will be introduced on all foreign Internet purchases

    Recall that the Russian customs confirmed the ban on the import of mining equipment without the permission of the FSB. 

    text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Getty images

    In Russia, a duty will be introduced on all foreign Internet purchases


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    New autonomous robot can disinfect large and crowded rooms

    ROBOCARE – Fully Autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robot

    A group of engineers presented a new autonomous robot that can disinfect even large and crowded rooms using ultraviolet light.

    The joint development of Bucharest Robots, Asociatia Suport and the Romanian State Department of Emergency Situations is a mobile device with UV lamps mounted on top. UVD Robot functions completely autonomously and is programmed using a special tablet.

    According to the developers, the UV spectrum used kills most viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms. This allows you to effectively disinfect even large rooms with many people, which are often difficult to disinfect with traditional methods..

    New autonomous robot can disinfect large and crowded rooms

    When used in hospital wards or operating rooms, the robot also helps protect personnel from infection. The first devices are already were admitted to several departments of Romanian medical institutions.

    Disinfection is far from the only field of application of autonomous devices in medicine. Since last year, robots have already started helping nurses with a heavy and unskilled part of their work.

    text: Ilya Bauer, photo: State Department of Emergencies

    New autonomous robot can disinfect large and crowded rooms


    Chinese developers start to use AI to identify idlers and monitor security at the site

    How China Tracks Everyone

    Construction companies in China begin to implement artificial intelligence systems to monitor worker behavior and site situation.

    Most projects are completed on a tight schedule, and in times of rush, disruptions and accidents are common. In some large cities, more people die on construction sites than in other industries. Therefore, the Chinese decided to automate control.

    According to a report from the Beijing Institute of Automation, the new monitoring technology monitors what is happening through video cameras and analyzes the behavior of each employee, defining his personality by biometric parameters. Real-world tests confirm that AI system improves productivity and safety on the construction site.

    Algorithms are capable of detecting different types of activity: work, staggering around, smoking and using a smartphone. In addition, the system records and notifies about safety violations, for example, if an employee forgot to put on a helmet, entered a restricted area, or behaves aggressively..

    Chinese developers start to use AI to identify idlers and monitor security at the site

    Research by McKinsey shows that artificial intelligence technologies are being introduced very slowly in the construction business due to weak growth rates.. 

    We’ve also previously written about how artificial intelligence will redesign by 2050..

    text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Academy of Sciences of the People’s Republic of China

    Chinese developers start to use AI to identify idlers and monitor security at the site


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    Ethereum Classic Listing 15% Growth On Coinbase

    Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Prediction πŸš€πŸ€‘ [March 2021]

    Ethereum Classic Shows Excellent 15% Growth After Coinbase News Releases Cryptocurrency Start.

    The news came a few days after Coinbase confirmed the completion of work on «rebalancing» your index fund. It was thanks to the adjustments that the exchange representatives got the opportunity to enable ETC. It is noteworthy that earlier the coin became available on the Coinbase Pro platform, which is a new professional interface of the company, built on top of the existing GDAX trading engine..

    The news also attracted attention as thanks to the inclusion of ETC in the Coinbase listing, users have the opportunity to work with the coin from the screens of their mobile devices..

    Ethereum Classic Listing 15% Growth On Coinbase

    The take-off (yellow rectangle) against the background of a positive news background was supported by the previously formed double bottom (marked with a green oval). Now the crypto community expects some correction, since the price was able to break out of the previously built trajectory. Considering further prospects, it should be noted that the coin in any case remains under the yoke of Bitcoin and other heavier altcoins..

    Earlier, we wrote about Coinbase introducing a new financial instrument — tokens for shares of American companies.

    text: Evgeniya Likhodey

    Ethereum Classic Listing 15% Growth On Coinbase
    Ethereum Classic Listing 15% Growth On Coinbase


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    Economic news of the world for today

    The materials presented in this section are not individual investment recommendations. The financial instruments or operations mentioned in this section may not suit you, may not match your investment profile, financial situation, investment experience, knowledge, investment goals, attitude to risk and return. Determining whether a financial instrument or transaction is appropriate for the investment objectives, investment horizon and risk tolerance is the responsibility of the investor. Makemoneywithbitcoin is not responsible for possible losses of the investor in the event of transactions or investment in financial instruments mentioned in this section.

    Best crypto currency excahges

    2. Coinbase Pro
    3. Huobi